Friday, February 10, 2012

This & That from the World Money Show, Orlando, FL

It's a lot warmer in Orlando than it's been in Tennessee! And the investment climate is heating up here at the World Money Show, too--the best attendance I've seen in years.

I've been interviewing financial gurus all morning for and have heard some interesting viewpoints, including:

Possible investment ideas:

  • Brazil, a resource-rich country, but hot in telecom also
  • India, ready to become the next China, but with many more advantages
  • Batteries, for hybrid and electric vehicles; look for M&A in this arena, as well as large caps aligning themselves with up-and-comers

And places to stay away from:

  • Japan, where the tsunami, nuclear plant closures and a faltering economy should make investors beware
  • The U.S., due to our burgeoning debt
  • Big banks which aren't as healthy as the media portrays and are doomed to repeat their mistakes
My interviews continue through today and tomorrow and will be uploaded to:, in the near future.

Tune in for some timely information that may help put your investment strategy back on track!

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