Monday, February 13, 2012

Wrap-up from World Money Show

It was a great show, and who can complain about being in Orlando in February?

My last day at the show was a good mix of interviews with fixed income and equity advisors. The fixed income folks offered a positive outlook on the U.S.--and gold--but felt investors looking for income may need to "go out on the risk scale" a little, in order to obtain a decent income stream. They also warned against:

  • Chasing stocks just for the yield; instead, make sure the companies you choose are fundamentally strong
  • Laddering bonds--a strategy that no longer works with such low interest rates
  • Buy and hold--with continued volatility, this strategy is no longer viable
Other ideas for investment included:

  • Large cap stocks, particularly in technology and finance
  • Dividend-paying compaies
  • Emerging market stocks, but very selectively

My interviews will be posted on within the next couple of weeks, so make sure you login for the latest opinions and specific recommendations from some of the most-respected financial advisors in the marketplace today.

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